Creating Contemporary Victorian Interiors

The intrigue of owning a Victorian home can make you overcome all hurdles and obstacles that come with remodeling your home. Victorian homes are so full of character and their craftsman qualities are often hard to come by especially in modern homes. Meshing modern interiors into your age-old home can give you that Victorian charm without compromising on the contemporary appeal of your house. There are lots of inventive ways you can bring back the nostalgic appeal of Victorian days in a modern manner.

Mixing Victorian Style with Modern Style

Some designers call it eclectic while others call it Modern Victorian. Some homeowners who have Victorian homes want a touch of modern design while those who do not have Victorian homes want a touch of the Victorian character and quality. The best way to create a modern Victorian interior is to mesh carefully the two styles. You can do this by:

  • Pairing ultra-modern chairs with an ancient wood table
  • Reupholstering old Victorian sofas with modern fabric or modern chairs with Victorian style fabric such as floral, damask, or tapestry.
  • Reupholstering dining chairs with bold graphic print.

These mixtures when done well create a style statement that embraces modernity, but also appreciates the quality and curves of Victorian antiques. If you need to move a piano during this process try these guys piano movers pa.

Adding Craftsman Character to Your Interiors

Victorians had a unique taste for hand carved and hand crafted items such as ornately carved wood furniture from oak, walnut or mahogany. Inasmuch as Victorian homes were meant to portray wealth and status, you can still recreate this craftsman character without necessarily doing renovations. Some of the ideas to help you do this include:

  • Adding carved pieces of wood such as mirror frames, furniture, picture frames and lamps
  • Buying furniture of the best quality. Investing in cheap factory made furniture may not do you a lot of good as far as aesthetics are concerned.
  • Adding a fireplace mantle. There are some old mantles you can find at flea markets.
  • Salvaging and repurposing old architecture. For instance, you can get old doors, windows, and trims online and use them throughout your modern home to add a Victorian vibe.
  • Adding marbles on your table tops or having a carved marble statue will not only have high quality aesthetics, but also represent Victorian styling.

Creating Themed Rooms around Color

The Victorian period was synonymous with paint color adventure. White walls were not found to be the real sign of decadence and opulence. Rich hues such as red, blue, gold-brown, and green were extremely popular.

Victorian colors are dusty in nature especially when compared to the bright colors of many modern homes. Bolder colors were mostly used to reemphasize the importance of the room over which they were painted. For example, the library and dining room could be painted dark bold colors while the kitchen could be painted light and crisp colors. The following are some guidelines when adding color into your home.

  • Where you have a contemporary open floor plan, you may want to consider painting individual ascent walls so as to add the sense of Victorian to your home.
  • If you own a Victorian home and you simply want to modernize it, you can paint everything a warm white and add the Victorian flair through accessories.
  • If bold paint scares you, you may consider adding color through accessories, textile, and window treatments.

Get Your Details Right

Victorian homes exuded detailed décor. From the paintings to the textiles and ornate furniture, these homes had everything in excess. When decorating the contemporary Victorian home, you can layer the floors with Persian-styled rugs, trim windows, and cover the walls with ornate paintings.

As seen above, creating modern interior that combines well with Victorian times can be a little bit tough, but with a keen eye, you can mix these two styles and get spot-on results.

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