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The Top Architectural Trends that Are Redefining Residential Housing

According to the American Institute of Architects, the housing market is quickly picking up as the economy is bouncing back. This is good news especially for families because many of them are channeling their funds into building new private homes and improving the appearance of the existing ones. This development has created new and exciting opportunities for architects to display their designs and stand out. Our colleagues over at nyc moving and storage have also said moves are on the rise. Below is an array of distinct design elements which are adding a fresh and contemporary touch to residences.


The architectural field is witnessing a gradual shift from usage of sculptural forms such as shifted volumes, smooth surfaces, and projecting cantilevers to add allure into a totally new formal element known as the circular void. These consist of punched round apertures through ceilings that draw the eye to the sky.

Ceiling Screens

Ceilings are not new in architecture because for a long time, they have been used to protect against excessive rain and provide shade from the sun. As part of modern architecture, screens are increasingly being used to cover skylights in homes. They play a key role in protecting interior rooms from excessive sunlight while at the same time reducing the need to have artificial lighting. The slatted designs create incredible plays of light and pattern which change as the sun shifts.

Explicit Geometry

Large horizontal windows have oftentimes been relied upon as entry points for natural light into interior spaces. However, this modernist trademark is changing with architects incorporating a wide array of square openings which they place throughout the façade not only to let light in, but also to call attention to the beauty of straightforward geometry.

Patterned Facades

Architects are using smooth exterior walls as the perfect canvas to try out their new design features. The designed moire patterns take the form of a methodic arrangement of brick-like spaces. These patterns may appear understated and subtle from afar yet they provide an exciting play of shadows inside.

Retractable Panels

Compared to window shutters which only satisfy nostalgic décor functions, the new retractable panels are revolutionary in the sense that they provide both shade interiors during daytime and help give homes a cutting-edge look. On cloudy days, the panels retract while during summer, they can be instrumental in reducing thermal bridges and cooling costs particularly in hot areas.

Implied Windows and Skylights

The impression of a skylight or window is more exciting than even the physical glazing itself. In many contemporary residential homes, architects are using horizontal beams resting on corner pillars to create window-like voids. Implied windows and skylights act as a discernible outline which implies a solid and closed form.