2016 Structural Awards – The Top Structural Design Feats Shortlisted

The Structural Awards ceremony is an annual program that seeks to recognize structural engineers who make some of the most renowned new designs in the world. In many of modern day contests, architectural firms tend to be recognized as the project artists while structural engineers are credited with a supporting role. In real sense, both engineers and architects work together as a team to realize a design.

In the ceremony to be held on November 11, 2016, there are 42 projects shortlisted. The conclusion of the event will see structural engineering firms awarded for their tremendous work. At the same time, there will be an award to the project that pushes the boundaries of structural engineering known as the Supreme Award of Structural Excellence. Below are some of the projects shortlisted. Plus if you need exterior painters bucks county be sure to check it out.

The Serpentine Gallery Summer Pavilion 2015

This is a polygonal project designed in 2015 in London by AECOM, the structural engineer and SelgasCano, the architect. The steel frame of this project is carefully wrapped with a multicolored, prestressed, and unreinforced translucent ETFE fabric. The project is in the arts or entertainment structures category.

JTI Headquarters

This 10 story steel framed building has a public courtyard that overflows into a transportation hub located beneath a dramatic cantilever. This triangular structure was designed by Skidmore, Ownings & Merrill who were the structural engineer and architect. Also, the building has three sloped elevations that feature Pratt trusses which are affixed by momentary connections in the spandrel beams thus resisting lateral roads and gravity. This project is in the commercial or retail structures categories.

The Cube

This is a story residential development located in London. It was designed and built by Engenuiti, the structural engineers and Hankins\Brown architects. The materials used in the construction are concrete, timber and steel. It is classified under the community or residential structures category.

Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum

This paleontology museum located in Northern Albata, Canada is the work of Fast + Epp structural designers and Architecture ATB, Teeple Architects. The building is framed by a timber/beam roof and modular timber panels. It is categorized under education or health care.

Transformation of Birmingham New Street Station

This is a project which cost an estimated $830 million. Atkins|AKTII, the structural engineers innovatively transformed a 1960s transit building into a modern bustling transportation center in Birmingham. The roof of this building has an ETFE inflated cushion system which is supported by curved steel tube beams which are held up by two arched trusses. It is under the infrastructure or transportation structures category.

Elizabeth Quay Bridge

Categorized under pedestrian bridges, this 72-foot-tall, cable-stayed bridge was designed to be an anchor in the recent revitalization of Perth in Australia. Before the bridge was finished and commissioned, tests were done by Arup the structural engineer as well as other independent engineers and designers particularly to check the response of the bridge to footfall vibrations. All the tests were completed and the structure was confirmed to be fit for usage.


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